The Quilters’ Wild Weekend

Well, I can’t promise risque photos, but I can assure you that 20 plus quilters ate a lot of chocolate and laughed loud enough that many hotel guests stopped by our sewing room to see what was up at my guild sponsored getaway in Ohio’s Amish country.  Our hotel didn’t allow smoking or drinking (you signed a pledge when you checked in) so the rooms were blissfully quiet at night with no late night revelers returning to their rooms.  All I heard were crickets through the open window.  Yes, the hotel had windows that actually opened!

I have to hand it to the Amish.  While their way of living is from another century, they sure know how to make their livings from it.  Furniture places, cheese stores, bulk food stores, kitschy gift shops, restaurants, lodgings, etc., are all available and seem to be popular.  Members of our guild made reservations at a restaurant for 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.  When we arrived we were directed to a very long line of people waiting to be seated.  Apparently having a reservation cut no ice.

Of course, there were forays to area fabric shops, some of them on farms.  No one stood out to me as extra special, but I did limit my trips to save money.  I’ve found the fabric choices are usually traditional, which isn’t the type of fabric I now buy.  I did pick up some solid pastels for a baby quilt I’m making.

Here’s a few highlights – a sewing themed pajama top (I think it was made by the wearer’s sister), a kit for handsewn hexies, and the start of a layout.

The getaway was so successful we’ve already booked the hotel for next year.

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