Oooh, Baby, Baby

Occasionally family events, joyous and otherwise, lead me to create a gift quilt.  Recently I started to work on a baby quilt for my nephew and his wife, who are expecting their first child in early 2013.

I’m using a design by Elizabeth Hartman that she calls Baby Roller Rink.


I began with the gender-neutral color scheme of yellow and green, and combed through my 2.5 inch square scrap pile for such bits.  Then I sewed 27 units of nine seven (I goofed and did too many) like colored squares, mostly prints, together end to end.  These will be bordered in one inch strips (finished) of solid yellow and green.  The setting will alternate the yellow and green units.

Since I began this project I’ve discovered the expected baby will be a girl.  The expectant parents threw one of those parties at which the baby’s sex is revealed by displaying the sonogram.  I wonder if there are ever any surprises in the delivery room.  To cover the girl thing I’ve put a purple/pink-purple square in each string of squares.  It’s not so girly that a color obsessed parent wouldn’t use it for a boy.

Just this morning I realized that if I made up the quilt with nine square strings it would be 60 inches, not 48 inches, long.  So I looked at Baby Roller Rink again and did a more accurate count. Actually, I think it was the cryptic notes I took that threw me off.  That leaves me with 54 extra squares to return to my 2.5 inch square stash.  And I was trying to reduce that stash.

In future forays to fabric stores I’ll shop for a soft backing fabric.  I like to back baby quilts with fleece or heavy flannel and skip the batting.  That way it’s easier to wrap the baby in the quilt and the soft side can be next to the baby’s skin.  I think I’ll keep the quilting minimal as lots of quilting can make a quilt feel stiff.

I like the greater contrasts in Elizabeth’s quilt, but I decided that a softer color scheme would be more appealing to the recipients of this quilt.


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3 responses to “Oooh, Baby, Baby

  1. Hi SQ, it’s Melissa from AMQG. Glad you told us you had a blog, I look forward to reading it. I was surprised in the delivery room!

  2. Judy

    It turned out beautifully. Very different from the Getaway beginnings.

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