The Many Sides of Hexagons

My Modern Quilt Guild picked hexagons as our September challenge – different ways to make and arrange them.  Luckily for me, I was already working on a project that could pass for hexagonal.  Since my mantra is KISS,  my top is a lot simpler than those 1/2 inch English-paper-pieced-decades-long projects beloved of masochists. I suspect this gentleman started his quilt when he was in his twenties.

In fact, mine has no paper patterns or set in seams and, if you squint at it, does indeed look as if it’s composed of hexagons.  Here’s the kind of hexie quilt I’m NOT making.

I felt somewhat guilty about my painless challenge solution, so I started to explore another way to do “real” hexagons.  After reading tutorials that lost me at the hand basting part, I decided to adapt a method I was taught for making circles that are then appliqued.  The secret ingredient is non fusible lightweight interfacing.

I dug out a specialty hexagon ruler I bought at a quilters’ rummage sale, and managed to cut some hexagons with it after I decided to ignore the totally confusing instructions.  (I mean, the instructions say to flip the ruler so the hexagon shapes are on the right side, and the picture shows them on the left.) Then I created a card stock template and used that to cut out hexies from my interfacing.  I slapped the interfacing hexies on the right side of the fabric hexies and sewed them together.  Then, I cut an X (carefully) in the interfacing and turned the hexies inside out.  This gave me a finished edge and no paper to remove.  I plan to sew these hexies onto my top using some sort of decorative stitching.

Here’s the effect I’m going for.  Note this quilt by Reanna Lily uses large hexies that aren’t attached to each other.  I may slide my hexies around a bit to make them off center.

If I had real hexagonal ambition here’s the kind of hexie quilt I’d dream of making.  This quilt by Isabelle Etienne-Bugnot was assembled by hand.  Oh my.


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3 responses to “The Many Sides of Hexagons

  1. Stephanie B

    Where is the picture of your beautiful finished product?

  2. Judy

    Oh my is right! That quilt is amazing!

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