Walt Had Good Taste

I don’t know how I came across her work, but a while back I did an image search on Mary Blair, an illustrator associated with Walt Disney and Little Golden Books back in the day.  And I sat there thrilled at the quilt possibilities.

A sample of her work is shown in the Mary Blair Gallery, and Cartoon Modern also features her work.   Disney liked her work so much he had her design a multi-story tile art piece for the lobby of Contemporary Resort in the original Disney World. Her work for Disney is charming – she is responsible for the art of the It’s a Small World ride – but she had a long career as a free lance graphic artist, doing books, ads, and apparently even handkerchiefs.

Below is a mural study Blair did for Contemporary Resort. Can’t you just see it made up as a contemporary quilt with lots of improv piecing ?

Then there’s this landscape that practically has the quilting done for you.

And here’s a handkerchief Blair designed that has a ready made border.  I don’t quite understand the clown motif, but it’s pretty abstract.

And here’s an illustration from “Alice in Wonderland.”  Just look at the wonderful color, texture, and curves.

Mary Blair Alice in Wonderland

I have concerns about copyright infringement, especially dealing with Disney, so I won’t be using any of these images until I research that issue.  However, I can be inspired by Blair’s palette and intriguing perspectives.  That landscape with the river really speaks to me.

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  1. Judy

    I LOVED Gustaf Tenggren’s art for Disney and picture books. I would love to have a copy of a particular story of his but have never been able to figure out which anthology it is in. He would not make a good quilt inspiration, though.

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