More Art Quilts

Eleanor McCain’s work caught my eye when I visited Quilt National at the Dairy Barn in 2011. Then, I found an article about her work in Art Quilting Studio (Winter 2012.)  Finally, I went to her website, and settled down for a long browse through her quilt series.

Yellow 1 by Eleanor McCain

This one, called Yellow 1, has a good time playing with permutations of yellow.  Then the artist slips in that little horizontal band of green/dark brown stripe.  Wow.

And 9 Patch Color Study 6 plays with elemental quilt blocks in more subtle colors, with a little black for some zingers.

The above are part of Eleanor’s Thirteens series.  The top is Red with Brown Green; the bottom is Red with Brown Green 2.  Same structure and palette with changes in proportion of colors.

In her article in Art Quilting Studio Eleanor says, “Color relationships are intriguing and an area of constant entertainment for me.  I love to induce a color change by the placement of that color against others, and to examine the effects of color values in relationships.” (p. 40, Winter 2012 issue)  I just love the idea of getting a kick out of color relationships.  Now I don’t feel so weird.

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