The Project From Hades

You wouldn’t think that quilting a lot of straight lines on a quilt would be difficult.  Well, I sure didn’t, but have found out differently.  Let me back up a bit.  I sewed a top pretty much copied from the Trajectory Quilt designed by Megan who blogs at Monkey Beans.  At the time I just had a picture to go by, so I guessed how to put it together.  Since then, Megan has developed a tutorial so it should be easier for you to make.

Constructing the top wasn’t hard even though I did it quite differently than Megan, and I had fun combining fabric for the backing.  The problem began when I pin basted the whole thing together with batting.  The problem is the batting, I think.  (Of course, operator error is always a possibility.)  I’m using a poly batting called Soft and Bright.  It’s a bit heavier than the cotton batting I usually use, but this is a 60 inch square lap quilt so extra warmth is good.

I’m used to the batting kind of sticking to the top and backing, or at least being chummy with them.  This poly batting seems to repel the top, similar to magnets when you put the like poles opposite each other.  As a result the top is acting like “do I know you?” with the batting, despite the pins.  I’ve been re-pinning the top after every few inches of quilting to deal with the creep, and who knows where it will end.  And the batting is stiff, heavy, and difficult to manipulate.

Now, I’ve quilted a few tops in my time, so I’m not a beginner. This “simple” project is taking me down a peg or two.  And I’ve quilted only a fifth of it so far.  Excuse me while I go repin this monster again.

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