Second Chances

Sometimes I get discouraged or baffled about a piece and fold it away in a large plastic tub.  And then I forget about it.  Last week I emptied the contents of that tub to try to find some fabric I swear was in there.  I never did find that fabric, but I became reacquainted with four incomplete projects.  I finished one, “In the Summertime,” shown below.  Another, “Lost Heart,” I think I found a way to make better.  And the other two I returned to the tub to await inspiration.

Quilters often talk about their UFOs, projects that stalled for one reason or another.  I thought I’d call mine IPs for in process.  Since I don’t usually follow a pattern, it’s my call for when a quilt is done.  “In the Summertime” was created in an online class on circles and was “done” insofar as quilting and edges, but it just looked puny.  So I mounted it on a quilted rectangle and added beads.  If I had pulled it out of the bin a month ago I might have finished it differently.

My point here is that there is often no one “right” way to realize a quilt unless you’re obsessed with intent on following a pattern exactly.  Try setting aside your IPs and revisiting them after at least six months have passed.  You may find a way to give them a second chance, even if you cut them up and use the pieces in another project.

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