Old … er … Vintage Sheets

Recently I’ve noticed that some quilters are using sheets as quilt backings and fabric for tops.  And they talk about vintage sheets. This makes me all too aware of my vintage as I remember some of these patterns as brand new sheets.  Ah, those pink and orange combinations.

Age aside, I’m intrigued that newer quilters are happily dipping into these thrift shop finds.  As a newbie quilter I remember being admonished to never use sheets in my quilts as the thread count was all wrong.  Well, it might be an issue for hand quilting, but few quilters outside Amish communities do that anymore.

So, I guess I should have hung onto those sheets.  On second thought, no, I’ve moved too much to haul around yet something else I might get around to using.  I do wonder, though, what happened to the pillowcases I used to have that were just like the huge yellow flower on the lower left.

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