Improv Mashup

Every so often I pull out one of my plastic tubs of fabric scraps (I use the clear containers pre-washed fancy lettuce comes in) and start sewing some bits together without any plan.   It’s totally random, depending on my whim as to which colors spark each other.  Then, I put these assembled bits, which usually measure anywhere from 4 inches to 10 inches, away to “age.”  At some later date I pull these out and see what I can make of them.

This is a great way to pretend I’m working on a quilt when I’m clueless about some larger project.  Right now I’m avoiding quilting a 60 inch square piece since the weather is hot and I’ll have to drape the thing over me as I quilt.

Here’s my latest improv WIP cobbled together from an aged assemblage and some pin weaving I did with my Different Drummer group.  I’m auditioning some reddish purple fabric as a final, asymmetric border. I may or may not couch the yarn swirls.  Funny how I feel more relaxed when I’m just using scraps.  No worries about “ruining” that expensive yardage I bought at the quilt show.

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