My New Challenge

When I saw my son this past week I offered him some wall quilts for his new apartment.  It has the typical sterile off white walls and could use some cheering up.  He opined that some of my oeuvre were candidates (how gracious of him), but what he really would like is a quilt depicting a three player chessboard he saw on Tumblr.   Here’s the picture he has:

Visions of brilliant colors woven together started dancing through my head.  Then I asked him what colors he’d like.  Turns out he wants colors pretty much like the picture. Sigh.  Well, there’s already a cool quilting pattern on the thing.  I have no idea what to do about the chess pieces.  My son said they didn’t matter, but maybe I’ll applique or paint on a few just to give variety.

Listen to me.  You’d think I actually plan to make this within the next 6 months.  Har, har.

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One response to “My New Challenge

  1. Judy

    Just tell hbim you love him so much that you will even make him a qjuilt in these yucky colors!

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