And Buy the World a Coke, Too

Just saw this posting on Bonnie Hunter’s blog about sending quilts to folks made homeless by wildfires in Colorado. The blog headline is “Canyon Fire – Quilts Needed.”  Now, quilters, bless their hearts, believe firmly that what anyone affected by a disaster needs is a quilt.   SQ begs to differ.  While I think a quilt is a lovely gift under any circumstances, not everyone shares that opinion.  I tease my brother by threatening to send him another quilt for his birthday.  He sure comes up with alternative gift ideas quickly.

Then, there are practical considerations.  For one, there’s the cost of shipping the heavy quilts to an area where “Brown” may not be functioning at its peak.  Two, there’s the distribution at the receiving end.  Three, if folks are bereft of their homes from an earthquake, tsunami or fire, they don’t need something else to lug around.  Food, water, shelter and the like are going to be higher on their lists.

Now, before you get all incensed and accuse me of lacking the true spirit of a quilter, let me propose an alternative.  How about holding an actual or online auction of quilts to raise money for victims of natural disasters, and then sending the proceeds through a charitable organization in a position to deliver needed supplies.  I believe such an approach was used by an online group to aid flooding victims in either Australia or New Zealand – somewhere that’s now heading into winter.  I know equilter donates a small percentage of its net proceeds to various charities, and those donations have totaled more than a million dollars.

And if you’d like guidance on where to start with aid to the latest natural disaster, here’s an article from the Denver post called “How to Assist Colorado Wildfire Victims.”

Thanks for hearing me out on this.


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2 responses to “And Buy the World a Coke, Too

  1. Indeed. Good intentions, wonderful generous hearts. Practically speaking, though, it doesn’t work out well.

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