Quilt Challenges

Lots of quilters’ groups have what they call challenges.  Some challenges have specific parameters – subject must be x, size must be a by b, colors must be pink and cream, etc.  Others start with loose inspiration.  One I did was from page 13 of a magazine.  We could use the subject, the color, or any other inspiration we took from it.

Yet another challenge I thought would be fun was a whisper quilt.  The first quilt was seen only by the second participant, who put her spin on it.  The second quilt was passed along to the third participant and the original quilt was returned to the first quilter.  This went on through all the participants who saw only the quilt done by their predecessor.  After all the quilts were done, the results were displayed together.  We had only 3 participants, but the quilts sure were different.  I think it was just too open ended for most of our guild members.

Last night all us modern quilters received a piece of patterned fabric about 8 inches square.  Our challenge is to combine it with other fabrics and turn it into a small quilt about 14-16 inches in size.  Can’t wait to see all the ways that fabric gets used come August.

One of the most amazing challenges I’ve seen is the online twelve by twelve one.  It’s now a traveling exhibit that  I saw at the International Quilt Festival this year in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The book about it has some great descriptions of how each quilter made her choice for the 12 themes.

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